Friday, 1 June 2012

Men with Baldness and Propecia Clinical Trials

Hair loss is more than a cosmetic issue for men. It can impact their self-esteem and lower self-confidence especially if the hair loss is due to male-pattern baldness. As a result, many rely on hair loss treatments to stop further balding. A particularly effective treatment is propecia.

Over the course of a 5-year study, 2 out of 3 men who experienced mild to moderate hair loss and took a daily dose of 1mg of the drug actually regrew hair. Researchers counted hair strands to verify this outcome. Obviously it was helpful to these men. But as with any medication, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of using the drug before actually taking it.

Hair Loss Treatment and the positive factors

Its major advantage is that it quickly puts an end to hair loss. Within three months you can noticeably see the drug working to stop further hair loss. Within six months time you may notice your hair thickening. And within a year, it is possible to see hair regrowing on your head.

It is very easy to use, requiring one pill to be taken daily. Because it is effective in the majority of men who have taken it, new users can confidently take the drug with the expectation of some success. Secondary benefits exist with this drug. For example, it causes the prostate gland to shrink in men predisposed to enlarged prostates. And there are no common side effects - those effects that are experienced impact very few users and are more moderate in nature.

Hair Loss Treatment and the negative factors

Men should not take this drug assuming it will cure them of hair loss or baldness. It is only effective for as long as you take it. As soon as you discontinue its use, your hair loss will come back and progress as it originally was occurring. Although this will be gradual, it is expected you will lose any hair gained within a year of ending the treatment. Continuing treatment for the long run can be expensive.

The recent link of Propecia to sexual side effects may be a deterrent for some men. Although these occur in a very small percentage of users, they can be devastating. This drug can reduce your sex drive, make it more difficult to achieve an erection, or decrease semen amount which can cause ejaculation disorders. When men stop taking propecia these side effects end.

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