Sunday, 9 October 2011

Effective Allergy Solutions - 5 Ways To Effectively Manage Airborne Allergies

Being allergic to common indoor pollutants such as dust, dust mites, and pet dander can really take it toll on your physical and emotional health. Here are 5 not too hard ways to clear the air of these problem causing allergens.

Change Filters As Needed----Your central heating and air conditioning system has filters. Check them regularly and change them whenever they start to fill up.

Once you know about how long it takes for them to need changing, plug a reminder into your mobile device or laptop so that you stay on schedule.

The amount of time between changes may vary according to seasons, so stay alert and move the schedule to a shorter or longer period to compensate.

Wash Linens Regularly---Dust mites are most often found in the bedroom and are one of the most potent allergy triggers known. Every home has them regardless of how clean it is. But you can significantly decrease their number and most probably your symptoms by washing your linens weekly with water that is at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Avoiding Scent Allergies

Some of the most powerful parts of the holiday season are the smells... candles that fill a room with the fragrance of home baked goodies, or air fresheners that leave a room filled with the refreshing outdoor scent of pine. These products add a subtle something to the air for some, while triggering uncomfortable scent allergies (and possibly asthma) for others.

As these scented products have grown more popular, allergists are seeing more complaints from people about reactions to all the fragrance. There's sneezing and coughing, and while there isn't an allergy test for these products, people certainly seem capable of having strong reactions to them.