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Natural Allergy Relief - Squashing Allergies and Their Symptoms

Having allergies can be one of the most annoying conditions you can have the pleasure of being blessed with. Your head is clogged or nose is running a marathon, your eyes are watery or itchy and you have been blessed so many times you would think God himself had heard you sneezing. It makes your day miserable and most medications you can take will only make you sleepy.

Allergies can be caused from almost anything, mold, dust, pollen from trees or flowers, animal fur, insect bites, household chemicals and more to list the most common. The excess of mucus can be caused by a poor diet and even stress can bring allergies on. To get rid of allergies naturally with no side effects, we suggest some of the following remedies and then changing your diet for continued prevention.

For relief of your allergies you can go to any local health food or herbal store and pick up these herbs. You should pick the one that fits you best and if you don't see improvement within three days discontinue and re-evaluate your symptoms and back to the drawing board. Use the remedy that best fits your symptoms. Again, only choose one remedy for three days before trying another. Stop taking remedy as soon as you experience relief.

    * Allium Cepa- If you have burning, watery eyes and a runny nose. Your symptoms feel better outside in the open air.
    * Euphrasia- Can be taken if you're experiencing burning teary, red eyes. You can also use Eye-Bright, 5 drops ratio to ½ ounce saline for your irritated eyes. Apply twice daily.
    * Sabadilla- Take this if you suffer from repeated "ah choo's" i.e. sneezes and runny nose.
    * Histaminum- Are you experiencing normal allergy symptoms which have a sudden onset? This helps!!!
    * Natrum Muriaticum- Take this if you sneeze at the sun and get re-occurring cold sores. Craving salt might also be a concern for you.
    * Silica- Can be used when upper respiratory problems develop into an infection, do you feel irritable and tired??? Silica screams "USE ME!"
    * Nux Vomica- You may wake up sneezing and crave stimulants such as tobacco or sweets.
    * Arsenicum Album- You will have burning eyes and constant runny nose causing red and sore irritation under the nose. You are sensitive and have many allergies.
    * Lycopodium- For people with only one-sided nasal congestion and throat issues. If you are in this category, you might also experience bloating after meals.
    * Pulsatilla- Do your allergies get worse in warm conditions or have a lot of congestion at night. This one is definitely for you...
    * Stinging nettles - For Hay Fever.

I would also suggest taking 1,000 mg of Vitamin C which is a natural anti-histamine, three to five times daily. If this gives you diarrhea you can decrease the dosage or try taking Quercitin. Also, Butterbur has been studied and found to be better than Allegra and comparable to Zyrtec. In the evening, take a hot bath with Chamomile or Lavender to induce sweat and clean out toxins.

Now that you have gotten rid of the symptoms of your allergy, try some of these dietary changes to prevent further episodes.

We Recommend:

    * Increase your whole grains. This is something we should all be doing anyway.
    * Increase you intake of fresh vegetables and fruits to help with detoxification. You might try a 3 day vegetable juice fast for best results.
    * Cold pressed oils and raw seeds and nuts.
    * You will need to increase your lean protein such as seafood and tofu.
    * Drink all the water you can. This will cut mucus secretions.
    * Take flaxseed or flaxseed oil to reduce inflammation, 2 tablespoons every day.

We do not recommend:

    * Dairy products, fried foods or processed foods, refined flours, chocolate and eggs. Dairy only makes mucus secretions thicker.
    * Cut down on fats and oils and trans-fatty acids.

We also have many products in the surrounding areas of this page; please click on any of these remedies for reoccurring symptoms and relief remedies.

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